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Who Are The Sy'Arrians: The Final Segment

When James left Hyprus in 2800 to unite the scattered races, Alexis stayed behind to continue his training with the remaining Sy’Arrian fighting force. The campaign was lengthy and lasted much longer than even Augustas had anticipated. This was a departure from the more diplomatic role Lucas Mirriam had established for the Sy’Arrian people and many other races in the universe felt this overt display of power was an overstepping of the Sy’Arrians authority in matters of cultural politics. It took a great deal of tenacity and humility to garner the support of the plethora of races, whose racial, cultural political views were equally diverse. The anarchistic lifestyles of these smaller races were the impetus for James’s crusade. The more prominent races were so intrigued with James’s vision; they often provided various resources to support his cause. 

 In 2933, after nearly 133 years of conflict, James Striken achieved what many thought was impossible; a universe less divided where races could breathe much easier and focus on developing their culture and society in relative peace. What made this effort possible was the ratification of the initial treaty effectively creating the Telerin Confederation. The Deresians decided not to sign the treaty, citing it was not in their best interests.

This period of the Sy’Arrians history solidified their new role as both ambassadors and a galactic peace force. Membership in the Telerin Confederation was contingent based on the requesting race meeting one main criterion; the betterment of not only their own race but of all those within the confederation. To facilitate a clear distinction from the Sy’Arrian government on Hyprus, James commissioned numerous engineers, artisans, and architects to build a floating city in orbit above the planet of Altrum to house the new Telerin Confederation.

In 2934, construction began on Terakia, the city would contain the seat of the Telerin Confederation and serve as a hub for all races to convene in a peaceful setting. The Sy’Arrian fighting force would solely provide security for Terakia; however, other races were encouraged and often provided their own contingent of military forces to show support for Terakia’s continued development. When it was completed in 2971, James was elected to be the first Premier of the Telerin Confederation after having served in a temporary role since 2933. He moved himself and his family to the floating city ushering in an era of prosperity.

In spite of the positive strides made by the Telerin Confederation not everyone wanted to give up their anarchistic ways and numerous attempts were made to sabotage the established peace. In 3081, James decided to send a clear message to potential terrorists by quelling an attempt to destroy a mining facility on the planet of Altrum. A terrorist group, the Clandestine seized the main production facility and over two-dozen hostages. Their message was clear; destroy the facility along with the lives of all the hostages. Altrum was a key production facility producing all the necessary ores and metals to build ships and space stations. By destroying the facility, the terrorists believed it would send a clear message; the Telerin Confederation could not protect everyone’s interests and returning to solely protecting one’s own borders was the only way to ensure prosperity.

Alexis by his side, James and a small contingent of Sy’Arrian warriors converged on the facility but soon realized they had seriously misjudged the terrorist’s capabilities. As a diversionary tactic, the terrorists released a deadly toxin designed to kill the hostages, but it was quickly neutralized with the use of Akasha. However, this gave them the opportunity to blow the facility’s outer walls in an effort to crush all those contained therein. In an effort to save everyone concerned, James pulled on all his knowledge of Akasha and maintained an elemental field in place just long enough for the hostages and remaining Sy’Arrian warriors to escape. His stamina failing, James maintained the field long enough for his son to escape. It would later be said, James Striken died a warrior’s death but to others it served to warn them the vision he fought to establish would not last.

Immediately preceding James’s death, Alexis was quickly and unanimously elected as the second Premier of the Telerin Confederation. It was a position Alexis took with reluctance, while something within him changed upon the death of his father. This would eventually take him down a dark path no one could have ever foreseen.

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