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Who Are the Sy'Arrians: Part Three

In 3086, Augustas approached the leader of Hyprus’ fighting force, Bayne Thaddeus to create an army comprised primarily of the known elements. Bayne fundamentally disagreed with this venture citing it would perverse the use of Akasha and corrupt the very foundation of Sy’Arrian society. Lourous, along with four of his friends who were highly respected in their individual fields of endeavor, supported Bayne’s assessment. Once again they were overridden and when Bayne continued to disobey the order mandated by the Council, he was removed from his position.

With Bayne no longer in command of the Sy'Arrian fighting force; Augustas began the creation of an elemental fighting unit called the Segula. These elementals were one of their more unique creations; clearly demonstrating Akasha had changed significantly since they had left Earth, while it also served to divide the populace. Taking matters in to his own hands, Bayne attempted to release these elementals back in to the cycle of life. His attempt thwarted, Bayne was brought before a tribunal on charges of insurrection. Bayne did not suffer serious repercussions due to an intervention by Lourous and his friends; Cyra Leurn, Aurelius Kepler, Kye Lee, and Brakel Janus. In the end it only delayed the development of the Segula. Shortly after the incident, Bayne left Hyprus with Lourous only knowing his final destination. It would only be a few months after his departure when the universe would learn of the almost complete genocide of the Sy’Arrians.

The Sy’Arrian Massacre of 3087 ushered in a new era of leadership under the oppressive regime of Alexis Striken. Why he turned on his own race with such brutal lethality has never been truly realized. The attack on the Sy’Arrians home city of Angira was swift; even the honed skills of the Sy’Arrian fighting force were no match for the horrific force unleashed by Alexis. No one knew from where Alexis obtained the beings he used to nearly wipe them out and they were impervious to conventional weapons. Only Akasha appeared to do any substantive damage but it took a lot to destroy one them let alone an entire army.

With Angira in ruins and the Sy’Arrians all but destroyed, Alexis consolidated his position and seized complete control of the Telerin Confederation. In a decisive gesture, he dissolved its council and those races in his span of control who did not join him were swiftly obliterated. The races that remained provided all the necessary resources for the new Telerin Government to thrive. Many of the more prominent races: Hyprovian, Ca’Naun, Pyraliens, Pylogi, and Traxians remained neutral by being content to watch how events unfolded. Terakia became the capital city for the Telerin Government, allowing its influence spread to the surrounding star systems. Yet, Alexis was cautious enough to stall his expansion at strategic points. Once he began to fortify his borders, the races knew an invasion to overthrow him would be too costly.

Another pivotal figure would rise to define the Sy’Arrian race. James Striken, born in 2680, would begin as a Sy’Arrian warrior but later unite the scattered races under one banner. Upon initiating his training as a Sy’Arrian warrior, James had a singular focus; develop a sizable Sy’Arrian warrior caste and use it to unite the scattered races under one governing philosophy. It was a bold concept and one not shared by many of his fellow veteran warriors. Shortly after the death of Lucas Mirriam in 2730, James approached the new leader of the Cri’lin council, Augustas Mirriam, and presented his vision of a prevalent Sy’Arrian fighting force utilized to quell any conflict and defend Hyprus against invasion. Augustas, a more aggressive leader than Lucas, readily agreed and appointed James in the sole leadership position of the new Sy’Arrian warrior caste. To aid him in this endeavor, James sought the services of Bayne Thaddeus, one of most highly trained and respected Sy’Arrian warriors. During the development of this new caste, James married and fathered a son, Alexis, who was born in 2785.

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