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Who are the Deresians?

Hailing from the planet of Leska, the Deresians have a history wrought with inner strife and evolutionary development surpassing many of the other known races. Initially they were small in number with tribal clusters located on Leska’s various landmasses. Often times these clusters would ransack the weaker clusters sparking prolonged periods of armed conflict.

 Although shape shifting abilities were unique to their race, they were limited to what they could assimilate based on the complexity of the object itself. The thought of being able to shape shift in to other races did not occur until much later. In addition, the life expectancy of a Deresian was generally very short: 50 to 60 years. Many of these limitations remained in place for centuries until a cataclysm, 2000 years ago in 1287 reshaped their planet.

After the cataclysm, the Deresians reassessed and reinvented themselves both culturally and spiritually. Emphasis shifted from the acquisition of material wealth to the cultivation of one’s inner mind, which would ultimately lead to benefiting the race as a whole. Gone were the times of tribal clusters and petty disputes. They were now one race in one region of Leska. A small number of Deresian historians have speculated this new age is what lead to the most significant evolutionary leap for their race; the ability to shape shift in to more complex objects and other races. Their longevity also increased threefold, whereas they could only live up to 60 years, they now experience life cycles up to 180 years with rare cases of over 200 years.

Presently, Deresians can shape shift in to most objects and sentient species. Obviously if they were to take on the form of bomb or intricate piece of machinery it would be for appearances only given the intricacies involved. Deresians have managed with intense practice and study to mimic the inner organ structure of almost any sentient race they have come in contact. They cannot simply look at on object or organism from afar and assume its shape; they have to physically touch it.

Deresian society is centered on the whole; namely, individuality is embraced with the understanding every action an individual performs will ultimately further the goals of the entire race. There is no formalized governmental structure given they retain the tribal structure from their past; namely, a tribal council is in place with a spiritual leader acting as a guide to the council. Usually, the eldest amongst the race hold positions on the council but only a total of seven can serve as members.

A Deresians true appearance is rarely seen when they are away from Leska. Bipedal by nature with mute humanoid features, Deresians have smooth rounded appearances, pale complexions and are relatively short in stature; roughly 1.2 to 1.4 meters tall. They appear genderless but have distinct roles during their mating cycle. Unique to their physiology is the ability to sense being scanned by technological devices and other races that use different vision modes.

Deresian males actually carry the brunt of the mating cycle where courtship is limited to a short duration leading up to the beginning of the mating period. Female Deresians deposit an egg in to a small pouch located in the lower region of a male’s body.  Once deposited, the female’s role in complete; the male will ensure the egg is fertilized and properly cared for through the maturation cycle, which can last anywhere from 4 to 5 months.

Young Deresians are born at half the size of their adult counterparts and can immediately begin caring from themselves allowing for swift integration into the Deresian social structure. Although their shape shifting abilities are fully useable they lack the knowledge of their elders to assume the more complex natures of other species. This is why many Deresians, if not most, embark on a sojourn at some point during their younger years to explore the universe in order to learn the more complex methods of assuming the appearances of other species. This is not to say the elders will not teach them the subtleties of shape shifting. Learning these subtleties is designed to give them the essential elements they need to embark on their sojourn.

This is a rough overview where nuance will evolve over time. Feel free to post your questions, comments or concerns. I will respond, if need be, when I able.

Character Portrait: Lourous Mirriam

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