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Character Portrait: Lourous Mirriam

Out of all my characters, Lourous holds a special place in my heart; he was my first. Before your minds go off the deep end after reading the last part, I mean he has been with me since the very first iteration of the Sy’Arrian Legacy series – long before the concept of a book series entered my teenage mind in the early 1980’s. He has accompanied me through some exceptionally difficult times and the more I have progressed towards becoming a better human being, the greater his presence has become.

Initially, I wanted to fashion Lourous’ persona similarly to the druid Allanon from the Sword of Shannara and subsequent books in the series written by Terry Brooks. Considering the world of Shannara was one of my primary sources of inspiration, eventually leading me to pick up paper and pencil, I felt it appropriate given the initial background I had developed for Lourous. Both characters are exceptionally tall, tight lipped, and blunt. At times, they can be so narrowly focused on what they think is most important, the collateral damage of their decisions is often dismissed as a necessity.

I am fully aware how what inspires us can often overly influence our perceptions, which is why I remained cognizant of not simply re-skinning Lourous as a cheap Allanon knock off. Lourous is much more malleable to change and not afraid to expose his vulnerability when it is appropriate, while also keeping his emotions at a safe distance. He is generally the first to apologize and recognize his own hypocrisy before pointing it out in others. He is very logical, insightful, and compassionate.

One of the main themes in the Shannara books is the concept of using magic and the toll is takes on the user, not to mention the world in general; a message delivered with equal strength in the television series, The Shannara Chronicles on the Spike network. In contrast, Lourous embraces Akasha and does not dread its use or fear it effects. Akasha weaves the cords of life and exists in all sentient beings; it is a truth that drives his every action and shapes his perceptions.

Born in 2790, Lourous was groomed from an early age to become a leader. He eventually matured to a height of 2 meters and 102 kilograms with short platinum hair and dark brown eyes. The death of his mother, Patrice, a botanist in 2882 when he was only 92 left a hidden scar on his heart forcing him to put aside his desire to follow in her footsteps and proceed down a path towards a destiny those around him perceived he was meant to fulfill; the role of High Leader.

As is the case with many sons, Lourous’ relationship with his father, Augustas remained strained well after his mother’s death. Their views concerning politics, external relations with the other races and where the Sy’Arrians should focus their future efforts were polar opposites. Loruous viewed his father’s leadership of the Cri’lin Council as more dictatorial than democratic; an approach he had warned would lead them towards isolationism.

The budding angst towards his father eventually put him on the radar screen of Bayne Thaddeus, creator of the Sy’Arrian warrior class who saw great potential in a directionless young man. Over time under Bayne’s mentorship, Lourous shed his petulant persona in exchange for a mind and body honed to a fine edge, capable of facing any challenge decisively. Bayne’s tutelage left him little time to develop a sense of humor or engage in whimsical pursuits. There was always another martial arts technique or elemental form to master.

Just like his ancestors, Lourous can connect seamlessly with all the known elements at once allowing for unprecedented uses of Akasha. He views a mind crafted upon the foundation of compassion will function better when connected to Akasha and aid in maintaining peace in any given situation. He continually meditates and practices all combat arts known to him.

Taken from his mother’s side of the family, Lourous’s family symbol consists of two golden dragons opposing one another with their fiery breath spewing forth and encircling their bodies.

This is not designed to be an exhaustive biography considering characters continually evolve with each chapter. It is meant to be a brief glimpse into a character I did not fully flesh out in my mind until I wrote The Cradle of Destiny. Everyone of my characters are small shards of my own personality and I look forward to developing each into their own, unique person.

Feel free to post your questions, comments or concerns. I will respond, if need be, when I able.

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