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Character Portrait: Bayne Thaddeus

Born in 2550, Bayne is an imposing figure at 2.04 meters with broad shoulders, a square jaw and silver hair. He experienced much of the original plight of the Sy’Arrians and maintains a perspective of doing what it takes to further the greater good.

Bayne has a rich and complicated background much of own choosing. Born to a warrior class father and mother disciplined in the sciences, he spent the first 30 years of this life predominately training with this mother, learning a variety of disciplines: herbalism, astronomy, archeology, and ancient religions. He learned basic martial arts and weapons training from his father; however, it was not until his mother was killed by fanatics on Earth prior to the Sy’Arrians exodus did Bayne begin to hone his skills as a warrior: fueling his rage at the loss of his mother. The stalwart young man learned every aspect he could relating to assassination, martial arts, weapons (bladed/hand weapons, technological, etc.), combat strategies and their philosophical origins, and ways to extract information. He became so obsessed that when he learned everything possible from his father, he moved to others with even more experience and knowledge.

Due to his experiences, extensive training and thirst for information, Bayne was picked by James Striken to establish the Sy’Arrian fighting force and join him to help unite the races.

After returning to Hyprus, Bayne became more involved with the Sy’Arrian government and retained his appointment as the key trainer and leader of their fighting force. Also during this time, Bayne began to develop a strong relationship with Lourous Mirriam, whom he trained as if he were his own son. In turn, he began to confront his inner turmoil and let go of the rage from events of his past; this was largely due to Lourous’ influence.

Much of the positive disposition Bayne developed slowly melted away, at least partially, when the second Cri’lin Council led by Augustas Mirriam, asked Bayne to explore the possibility of creating a new fighting force comprised of elementals. Bayne fundamentally disagreed with this venture citing misuse of Akasha and the perversion of the elements used to create them. When the Council removed him from his position and proceeded without him, Bayne protested and was effectively silenced by the Council.

Lourous agreed with Bayne’s position on the matter but was not able to do anything substantial about it. It was then Bayne took matters in to his own hands and attempted to return what elementals had been created back to their original states. When his attempt was thwarted, the existing Council construed his acts treasonous. When he was brought before the Council for judgment, Lourous intervened and stopped them form banishing Bayne to some remote and desolate planet. It was at this judgmental hearing Bayne renounced his Sy’Arrian blood and warned the Council they were headed down a path of destruction.

Shortly after the Council hearing, Bayne told Lourous he was leaving the Sy’Arrians home city of Angira to never return. Only Lourous knew of Bayne’s location, where the old warrior lives a life of solitude and self-study.

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