Currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, Greg blogs about his upcoming books in The Sy'Arrian Legacy Series. His posts also explore the creative process and what feeds our imaginations.

Welcome to the Site

The initial concept of this site was based solely on my science fiction book series called “The Sy’Arrian Legacy.”  The intent was to use it as a vehicle to transport what has inspired me to create the story to fellow writers and potential readers. Well, just like how characters can throw a kink in your creative writing plans the minute they open their mouths, I quickly realized I had so much more to write about.

We all have a variety of layers albeit a small number of them manifest more prominently - the others seemingly content to sit on the sidelines. My intent is to discuss the universe I shaped, the creative process and its necessary mechanisms; however, I may stray occasionally to address topics serving to influence and alter a writer’s perspective. These may be controversial, oddly appealing, exceedingly deep or mundane.

What I will not allow are trolls whose diatribe is aimed strictly at derailing a topic simply because they have nothing else better to do or think they are being whimsical. Creating a lucid comment is one thing but being nasty just to be nasty will result in the comment being deleted. This perceived I can do anything I want, anonymity behind a keyboard mentality, will not float here. Does this mean I will shut anyone down just because they flex a strong voice in opposition to mine? Of course not but keep in mind it is all in the how.

The idea is to generate thoughtful and respectful discourse. It has been my belief for some time now we have lost the ability to have constructive and meaningful discussion about topics important to us. Just sit back and watch how our elected officials or special interest news reporters discuss their viewpoints with someone on the opposing side. The level of hostility, overt rudeness, and lack of compassion is astounding. Whatever happened to the days where you could have practical debates and completely disagree with one another, but in the end still shake hands and walk away in true friendship?

Let’s hope this site can help us find out the answer to that question and many others together.

In the Beginning