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To Tell A Story: Part One

I suspect many writers have experienced what I have in creating their little bundles of joy. When I initially created what I now call, The Sy’Arrian Legacy series it was one story with a definite beginning and end. I had a rough idea what the middle elements were along with a conservative group of main characters. My plan was to avoid political overtones and complex religious or spiritual frameworks. In my young mind, the plan was set and everything would run smoothly – I could not have been more wrong.

Rather than start with my original vision of the story, I think it would be beneficial to explain where it is now and see where the words take us.  I will try to be succinct and if I find there is a lot more to cover, it will extend into a series. My intent is to keep entries to a certain length so you, the reader, will not suffer serious eye glazing.

In an effort to avoid confusion, when I talk about my story, I am referencing the entire series unless a specific title is mentioned. Currently, I have completed book one, The Cradle of Destiny, which has an initial release date of July 2018. After performing some research, I will begin book two in a series spanning roughly eight books give or take.

I begin the story with a very short prologue highlighting the almost complete annihilation of the Sy’Arrians; hence, the title of the series. They are a fairly young race whose origins only date back to the late 1980’s. They are humans who slowly evolved to shape the elements of fire, water, air, and earth through Akasha, the force from where they descend; no one element is more important than the other. Sy’Arrians consider the cultivation of compassion and focused meditation to be key in the proper utilization of the elements. A properly nurtured mind enables them to connect with the other elements harmoniously so their properties can be used to protect, heal and shape the forces of nature.

One aspect I have struggled with over the course of developing the series is originality. I have read and seen a variety of creations focusing on similar story elements. The animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my personal favorites albeit the motion picture version was lackluster to say the least. Practically every culture in existence references and embraces a relationship with the elemental forces. I found the necessary perspective once I reflected on what a very astute mentor of mine once said, “It is all in the how.”

What comprises the human race in terms of literary works both fictional and non-fictional is vast. Truly original works are rare, which is my politically correct way of saying they do not exist. For clarity’s sake, I am not saying there are no creative works lacking originality. I have been pleasantly amazed at some of the “reimagining’s” filmmakers and writers have created. In tandem, I am impressed with those talented few who take ancient lore and craft a storyline where believable characters, driven by proper mechanics of good story telling, make the tale both thought provoking and enjoyable. These are the elements I observe in my creative writing.

The Sy’Arrian Legacy series will encompass a great many things. When I created the original concept in my teenage years, I was naïve to think I could create a story with depth but leave out elements most established societies embrace as commonalities. At its core, the series is about what fuels our realities and the extent we are willing to go to protect them even when truth is staring us glaringly in the face.

My characters will face many of the same challenges we have in our own lives; hate, bigotry, injustice, and extremism. To craft a story without these and other truisms is to not tell a story at all.

Feel free to post your questions, comments or concerns. I will respond, if need be, when I able.

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