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Who Are The Sy'Arrians: Part Two

As they began to establish themselves as a new race on Hyprus, the Sha’ran Circle was dropped and the Cri’lin Council was established as the new governing body of the Sy’Arrians. The first council was comprised of what was considered the founding members of the Sy’Arrian race: Lucas Mirriam, Kyle Brandis, Tyler Sha’ran, Michael Sha’ran, and Constance Leurn. Tyler and Michael Sha’ran excused themselves due to philosophical differences regarding the direction and development of the Sy’Arrians. Thus, the first council’s membership was composed of the following:

  • Lucas Mirriam
  • Kyle Brandis (Larin Trylus replaced Kyle when he died in 2650).
  • Constance Leurn
  • Barus Janus
  • Mason Andaris

Shortly after forming, the Cri’lin Council established, The Sacred Pledge to govern and guide a Sy’Arrian’s use of Akasha. In addition, the Andaris Academy was formed to teach Sy’Arrians of all ages their origin and history, along with the psychology and scientific nature of Akasha.

In 2630, the most significant division in the history of this new race took place. Referred to in Sy’Arrian historical databases as the Sha’ran Separation, it began when Michael Sha’ran and a sizable amount of Sy’Arrian citizens left the main city of Angira to begin their own way of life. It was more of a philosophical shift than political serving to be an extremely difficult time for the two brothers and a new race still in its infancy. Their vision of the Sy’Arrians, one poised to take on anything the universe was willing to throw at them, had crumbled. Once again, differing views on what should be, resulted in division not unity. Where they eventually settled and whether or not they remained on Hyprus is still not known.

Many knew Michael Sha’ran had dealt more proactively with the death of his father. He reflected, meditated and grew from the loss; he did not allow it to poison his heart. Tyler on the other hand internalized his pain, which eventually turned to hatred. Even though he felt he had dealt with the loss effectively, it manifested in different ways. Rather, Tyler blamed the entire United Terran Republic eventually developing a distrust and hatred of those not Sy’Arrian. This single-minded approach, lead to a significant shift in the Sy’Arrians thinking; not just about how they should evolve but also in how they interacted with other races. Michael’s philosophy centered on philosophical approachs in all matters of an individual’s life, placing emphasis on education and understanding, where violence was never viewed to be the first and only choice in facing ones obstacles. Tyler was hard hitting and often reacted first rather than thinking things through in a constructive manner. His approach to cultivating the more offense techniques of Akasha swayed the majority of Sy’Arrians, who were still reeling from having to leave the home they so dearly loved due to the tyrannical regime of the United Terran Republic. Michael was not completely opposed to unlocking and developing all Akasha had to offer; however, he feared too much of a singular focus on one aspect over another would lead them down a path very similar to how they were treated on Earth.

In 2640, ten years after the Sha’ran Separation, Tyler Sha’ran passed away due to an unfortunate accident. Lucas Mirriam was appointed as Tyler’s replacement. Under Lucas’ leadership, the Sy’Arrians moved past the separation and began focusing on their role in relation to the other races of the universe. Lucas solidified the Sy’Arrians in the capacity of ambassadors and councilors to the known races. When desperate situations presented themselves and it appeared there would be no peaceful solution, feuding parties knew they could count on them to calm troubled waters. Still, the Sy’Arrians had to be cautious due to the relatively small number of trained warriors amongst their populace.

As time progressed, the sentiments which precipitated the Sha’ran Separation, still lingered. There were those who felt Angira should bolster its fighting forces in case of potential invasion, while others wanted to follow the natural order of Akasha and not risk the possibility of moving in to practices beyond their scope of knowledge. Lucas was a pragmatic leader, combining both styles of Michael and Tyler. He could be thoughtful one moment and very decisive the next. He lived by the philosophy of being fair but firm; a concept his son, Augustas, would loosely follow. Lucas was a proponent of scholastic endeavors and developing the more offensive techniques of Akasha. Both approaches flourished under his leadership but suffered no definitive breakthroughs until his son was appointed High Leader of the Cri’lin council.

Under the leadership of Augustas Mirriam, the Sy’Arrians experienced an extreme shift in their philosophical and political direction. Augustas was much more aggressive and less traditional in relation to political matters. His sole concern was the protection of Hyprus, which to his credit was a legitimate concern while his approach to implementing his policies left those closest to him alienated and afraid to mention opposing viewpoints. Only his son, Lourous who was born in 2790, knew how to approach Augustas on sensitive matters and, even then, it did not guarantee success. His demeanor worsened after the Altrum Mining Tragedy of 3081, which claimed the life of James Striken. In Augustas’ mind the tragedy was a portent and he could not fathom why the Sy’Arrians should continue to support other races when all they wanted to do was harm them.

Progressively, Augustas began to pull Sy’Arrian support from various planets and the Telerin Confederation. He agreed to allow the existing Sy’Arrian fighting force attached to the Confederation to remain on the floating city of Terakia but stipulated new members would have to be garnered by other means. Lourous objected to this move and cautioned the Cri’lin Council against reacting out of fear; they disagreed. As Augustas continued to further isolate the Sy’Arrian people from all galactic matters, except those directly affecting them, he knew drastic measures would need to be taken to ensure his people’s safety.

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