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Character Portrait: Kye Lee

Born in 2792, Kye Lee’s lineage can be traced to the Qing Dynasty on Earth, which was first established in 1636. Her ancient relatives were initially from the sedentary farming people known as the Jurchen. Over time members of her family line branched off to study archeology, weapon crafting and anthropology. They utilized their talents to aid the military and enhance Chinese martial arts.

Kye Lee’s ancestry is clearly reflected in her below average height of 1.7 meters and a total weight of 59 kilograms; Sy’Arrians typically average 1.9 meters. Her dark brown eyes, smooth olive colored skin with flowing dark black hair exudes a beauty she often ignores in favor of maintaining a hardened exterior to focus on what she views are the more important affairs of the Cri’lin Council.  Superior agility and lightning fast reflexes enable her to wield a weapon almost as tall as she is: A collapsible staff weapon called a bang. In fact, her knowledge of martial and technological weapons exceeds all of the other Cri’lin Council members, including Aurelius Kepler who is considered on the best in the practice of dual weaponry.  

Born to mother Bo Ling and father Chen Lee, both renowned weapon smiths and curators of rare items, Kye Lee’s first name is based on a famous celebrity from Earth prior to the Sy’Arrians departure in 2580. Kye Lee’s main intentions from birth were to utilize the knowledge of both her parents and ancestral line to become one of the most honorable and effective Sy’Arrian Warriors. In combat, she exhibits a high degree of maneuverability, decisiveness, and flawless execution; when she strikes it is often fatal. Although cultivating all elemental aspect of Akasha evenly, she tends to favor air-based maneuvers, utilizing funnels and air walls to neutralize large threats.

Her philosophical approach to life overall is based in a strict code of honor, emphasizing accountability and respect, while allowing logical and reason to steady one’s hand. Her family symbol comes from her mother with a plain and simple representation of two precisely crafted Bo Staves, crisscrossing one another midway on her back.

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