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Character Portrait: Brakel Janus

Considered to be the most reserved, wise and patient of the group known to most as The Five, Brakel’s ancestry is one with deep ties to Earth’s history; a lineage so closely attached to the earth, they could commune and live in harmony with all life. Born to Tama, an Arapaho spiritual leader and Wohehiv, a Cheyenne historian, Brakel’s name alone speaks to familial struggles with his heritage and the expectations of his parents.

Born in 2783, Tama and Wohehiv named him, Narsimha, meaning lion among men; a name passed down from one male to another in his mother’s tribe. Brakel’s fiercesome spirit and devotion to learning everything related to Akasha clearly spoke to his namesake. It was Brakel’s propensity to connect profoundly with the known elements, which created the expectation he would follow in his mother’s footsteps to become a spiritual leader; a prestigious and longstanding role in her tribe. When Brakel opted to join the Sy’Arrian warrior caste, while also shifting his focus to a more scientific approach related to Akasha’s manifestation in his people, the young warrior found himself at odds with his parents and the customs handed down to him.

Striving to maintain the proper level of respect for those who had come before him, Brakel attempted to find balance by changing his birthname to something more relatable to how he viewed himself. During his geographical studies in the Andaris Academy, he came to admire the beauty of an area in Belgium called Brakel. Its lush, virtually unspoiled landscape touched him in a way never expected for one who had never set foot on its soil. Janus was considered the god of beginnings and transitions in ancient Roman religion, an aspect he felt applicable given the circumstances.

Through patience and meditation both sides came to honor each other’s perspectives. Brakel progressively broadened and intermingled both the scientific and spiritual viewpoints of Akasha. In doing so, the fulcrum balancing both outlooks became more solidified, effectively creating a unified ideology rather than a divisive one. The ability to see the universe outside of preconceived constructs was a key factor in Lourous’ decision to ask Brakel to sit on the Cril’lin Council.

Standing out at 1.89 meters and weighing in at 99.8 kilograms, Brakel’s highly pronounced cheekbones, dark penetrating brown eyes and lean body structure often lead opponents to misjudge his capabilities. Next to Kye Lee, Brakel is considered one of the deadliest combatants whether using Akasha or strictly implementing hand-to-hand fighting techniques. In spite of this distinction he is often the one who provides the most logical approach to a given situation. Even though he is very closed mouthed, Brakel does possess an incredible sense of humor.

Brakel’s family symbol is neither from his mother or father. It has revealed itself to him over time in the form of a dark colored sunburst with multi-colored waves extending outward from its center.

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Book One Has Arrived!

Book One Has Arrived!

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