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Creative Insight: Part One

Let me start this entry with an actual apology related to my extended absence since the end of March. This will not be an artistically disguised excuse but an acknowledgement with a focus on learning and moving forward with intent. I am not one who makes empty promises, especially when it involves the creative process; a fickle process on one hand while being unwavering on the other.

Put simply, I got lazy and sidetracked by frivolous pursuits under the guise of basking in the achievement of my first published work. Does this mean I believe you should continue plowing forward no matter the level of personal achievement in your life with no stopping to smell the roses? Of course not. The creative mind varies greatly based on each beings unique make up with a consistent theme; the need to recharge. The key is to be mindful of not only the length of time for said recharging but also what we are doing in the interim to fuel what inspires us.

My intent is to churn out at least two, if not three, entries per month barring any unforeseen surges in work outside of this blog. I do have a full time job and the writing performed in creating more books in the Sy’Arrian Legacy series comes out of my spare time. Eventually, I want my full time gig to be solely focused on writing but life can be an unrelenting taskmaster if rational thought is not guiding your expectations.

Not all of us can be Frank Herbert’s, Robert Jordan’s, Ray Bradbury’s or Robert Heinlein’s. We should always aspire to respect those who have made it easier for successive generations of writers to become known. I am merely indicating we need to be grounded in our approach. By honing our craft and understanding the essence of our chosen genre, we automatically demonstrate such respect often when we are not even aware of it.

Don’t get me wrong. My time away was efficacious in helping me obtain a sharper vision of where I want to take the Sy’Arrian Legacy series. In book two, The Fury of Ages, you will begin to see a more direct, hard hitting approach in moving the story forward along with continued veneration of characters and proper story telling elements. If I do foresee an extended absence, I will do my best to let everyone know.

In a build up to part two of this post, I want to leave you with a blurb I discovered from the website Brado while conducting a tad bit of research related to the theme of this post:

The evolution of Insight is Creative Insight. Creative Insight is the difference between insight that is simply “actionable” and insight that sparks a creative epiphany. Creative Insight inspires effective messaging. It fosters intuitive thinking for new products and creative executions. It’s the difference between stagnant uncertainty and moving forward with confidence.”

The excerpt from Brado’s website above, link provided below, will be at the heart of the next post in my own series on creative insight.

As always feel free to post your questions, comments or concerns. I will respond, if need be, when I able.


Creative Insight: Part Two

Book One Has Arrived!

Book One Has Arrived!