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Book Two: The Fury of Ages

This piece should be a little more succinct than my standard diatribes, although I would like to think I have been fairly respectful. I am fully aware how our passion for content which inspires us has a tendency to blind us to other techniques of telling a good story.

My prior blog post from October 2017, Expectation: Pragmatic vs. Idealistic, I speak to the two hats I often wear; the creator and enthusiast. My ability to balance these hats is key at preventing me from walking a path towards some of the typified content creation we have been seeing in the last decade. This focus has guided me in the last year while crafting my outline for the second book in my series.

Admittedly it should not take one almost a full year to create an outline and perform research; however, I decided to bask prior to getting back to business. What I am going to share in this writing will be a few tidbits aimed solely at keeping everyone aware of my intent going forward.

Book two of the Sy’Arrian Legacy series will be titled, The Fury of Ages (FOD). Many, if not most of the titles in the series I have already created. Some are still swirling around in the maelstrom of my mind but will eventually manifest when the time is right. It sounds a bit supernatural but if you are a content creator, what I just mentioned is not so farfetched.

The FOD is intended to narrow the focus of the three primary storylines I have developed for the series. The Cradle of Destiny was the foundation story for the entire series, meaning, all three storylines were unveiled in subtle ways. The intent is all books in the series will point towards book one in some fashion or another. This is the reason why I truly admire content which effectively uses subtlety and foreshadow to deliver its message.

In the second book, my purpose is to mirror cultural and political events taking place in our own time. The primary race I will be expanding on are the Hyprovian’s from the planet of Lotar in the Zim galaxy, which is part of the Praysis star system. Religious and secular groups will begin to overly influence the Hyprovian’s governing body, the Dralak Council in an attempt to seize control of its leadership. A secular portion of the Hyprovian populace will focus on logical. progressive approaches and facts to help improve the council; however, they are not opposed to a coup if it makes more sense. The religious sect will use misdirection, propaganda and subterfuge to achieve their goals at all costs.

 Interwoven among the Hyprovian backdrop will be the continued evolution of Raleous, Alexis and the Telerin Government, including the aftermath of the conflict at the end of book one. Unveiling more specifics related to Jarus’ character and the reemergence of Lourous’ four friends who, along with himself, comprised The Five will be explored.

There are a number of needed, smaller elements not needing specific mention in this post. Suffice to say, I am excited to be moving the Sy’Arrians forward in their adventure. Primarily, if I am to be honest, because I never thought I would make it this far.

 So, no matter what your story is about, large or small, never stop writing.

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