Currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, Greg blogs about his upcoming books in The Sy'Arrian Legacy Series. His posts also explore the creative process and what feeds our imaginations.

This is Not About Me

If there is one thing I have learned at my “regular” job working in state government, is any endeavor requires a team of dedicated individuals with diverse talents who are not afraid to hold each other accountable and understand it is a collective effort. This truly feeds into the age-old saying, “There is no I in team.”

Although writing may appear to be a solitary effort, it is far from it. Published or unpublished; eBook or hardcopy, the entire creative process involves a suite of talented people who become a part of your life. Everyone from your significant other to a cover artist, play a part in helping you become the best, insert genre here, writer you can be. We should not trivialize this facet while going through the motions of creating our worlds, which leads to my main point of this post.

To be successful, I need to rethink practically everything I know about moving forward with The Sy’Arrian Legacy series and other concepts I have in development. Marketing is not my specialty, yet, I must find a way to reach readers with the accepted knowledge people will spend more on a greeting card while, at the same time, expecting writers to sell their dreams for 99 cents.

Part of my efforts have spanned across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which all have a place in selling yourself no matter the focus of the content. In my experience, Twitter is an interesting vehicle to deliver your creative views; however, it works best if you are relatively well known. Creating a blog through one of the many web hosting sites has been the most rewarding. It allows me to write about what inspires and challenges me, while possibly reaching a much broader audience.

Here is my question for those of you who regularly read this blog; what do you want to see more? Reviews/critiques? Insights on the creative direction of the content we consume? Items related to not only The Sy’Arrian Legacy series but additional concepts currently in the planning stages? Let me know by sending suggestions and comments via the Content link in the dropdown menu on the left side of the blog.

I will be looking at WebsiteVoice to enable an audio feature for those who would rather listen to these posts or may have vision related issues. Your input would be greatly appreciated and if you have a desire to see more from me per month, please let me know.

 Thank you for reading!

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